★★★ List of guests to come! ★★★

Akihiro Ononaka, the author of the manga Looking Up to Magical Girls, in signings and conference-interview.

Winner and finalist of numerous Cosplay competitions in France and internationally (Twitchcon 2022 finalist, 1st CICAF prize, 1st A2PBCC prize, League Of Legends Europe favorite prize), Ellothin Cosplay has been practicing cosplay since 2010, she is a Cosplay teacher, and creator of an online cosplay school, specializing in armor creation!

Swiss cosplayer for over 7 years, NISSA COSPLAY is also a guest at many events.

DM Cosplay, Luxembourgish cosplayer, representative of the SUNA cosplay association.

French video creator, analyst and critic of the geek world, pop culture and the manga/anime universe for over 10 years, l'Ermite Moderne will be present at signings and conferences!

MION is a Japanese singer/songwriter based in the United Kingdom, and active for over 10 years in several countries around the world.

Born in Fukui (Japan) and based in Munich since 2011, Taiko master, Takuya Taniguchi has been practicing it since he was 3 years old. Since 2002, he has performed all over the world (International Taiko Festival Ecstasia, Tokyo Summer Music Festival...).

Born in Shiga (Japan),Hideaki Tsuji trained at Takamatsu Music University, and learned Shamisen from master Toshinori Kyogoku. Since 2003, he has taught at the National Conservatory of Strasbourg.

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