★ List of activities ★

★ Cosplay Village ★

Cosplay exhibitors, cosplay workshop, craft workshops, and meeting with the Luxembourg cosplay association SUNA

[Zone C]

★ Kpop Dance Space ★

Discover an exclusively Kpop dance area of 100m² with workshops, sessions, initiations, open to everyone and over the 2 days of events!! The area will be animated by:WIN’EM CREW (Kuwabara association) and Glow in the Dark

[Zone KPop Dance, Stand G3, G4]


Exhibition of an entirely original DELOREAN DMC 12 from 1981 imported from the United States!! The 88mph association is a non-profit association whose profits from the sale of goodies linked to the universe of Back to the Future are entirely donated to the TEAM FOX FOUNDATION, an organization fighting against Parkinson's disease.

[Stand G1]

★ Shiatsu (FLSPA) ★

The Luxembourg Shiatsu Federation (FLSPA) will be present at Anime Focal! In a dedicated space, you can discover and learn about this ancient Japanese art of Shiatsu! Presentation: "Shiatsu, in Japanese "finger pressure", is an oriental practice in which the fingers exert pressure on certain acupuncture points connected to different organs, with the aim of relieving certain pain, tension and fatigue which manifest themselves when the flow of vital energy circulating in the body is blocked."

[Stand B40]

★ Shobukai Kendo Luxembourg ★

Come discover and learn about Kendo, this martial art of sword fencing originating in Japan and a modern form of samurai Kenjutsu! With the Luxembourg Kendo association: Shobukai.

[Stand B55]

★ Origami & Japanese Calligraphy ★

Like every year, the cultural section of the Japanese Embassy in Luxembourg will be present to introduce you to origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) as well as Japanese calligraphy.

[Stand A108]

★ Goddess : The Convergence ★

Discovery and introduction to the card game created by Strasbourg-based 4Play. This card game, which is played by two people, features battles between goddesses: "Celestria is a sacred land where goddesses have lived for millennia. Discover the history of their civilization through the centuries and eras, but also the past great heroes and all the great intrigues that marked the history of Celestria until the Convergence."

[Stand B28]

★ Karaoke, blind tests, quiz ★

Passion Japon France association will organize karaoke, blindtests and manga/anime quizzes over the 2 days, on stage, in their space, as well as a traveling karaoke!

[Stand G6, B25]

★ Papercraft ★

With Resin'Creat, practice Papercraft over several sessions (registration possible by email: hogwartslilia@gmail.com )

[Stand B39]

★ Polymer Paste ★

Get started with creating polymer clay with MissAUBE (registration possible by email: la.boutique.de@missaube.be )

[Stand A107]

★ Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament ★

Lëtz Smash and SweetSpot Asbl are organizing a Smash Bros Ultimate tournament! 1VS1 on Saturday, and Teams on Sunday. Registration on Start GG.

[Stand G2]

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